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Microbiology Test
Microbiology Test

Contact Agar Medium 4x4

Performance Characteristics of Contact Agar Medium 4x4

1. It is widely used in environmental sanitation, apparatus, sedimentation bacteria, and hand colony inspection.

2. It can be used directly after opening, no need to prepare a medium which saves much time.

3. The medium area is 10 cm². It's divided into 10 small cells which are easy to count.

Microbiology Agar Medium Types

AC • Standard Plate Counting Agar Based Medium

Used for the identification of the total bacteria number.

ELEX Press sampling-AC

EC • Three-color Agar Based Medium

Escherichia coli and coliforms can be simultaneously detected.

E.coli colonies are blue to light purple.

Coliform colonies are red to purple.

Other intestinal bacterial colonies were milky white.

ELEX Press sampling-EC

SA • Staphylococcus Aureus Agar Based Medium

Staphylococcus aureus forms black colonies on the surface of the culture medium, and due to protein breakdown, a transparent hemolysis ring or turbid zone is formed around the Staphylococcus aureus colonies.

ELEX Press sampling-SA

PD • Yeast, Mold Agar Based Medium

Used for the identification of yeast and mold.

ELEX Press sampling PD

Usage Method of Contact Agar Medium 4x4

1.  Remove the medium from the bag.

2.  Open the lid and press the petri dish directly onto the sample to be sampled.

ELEX Contact Agar Medium press sampling

Press sampling

3. Cover the lid, mark it in the blank column of the container, and culture it in the incubator.

4. Colonies were counted after culture. Medium area: 10cm².

Product Details of Contact Agar Medium 4x4

NameCharacteristicsPackageCulture timeValidity Time
Agar Stamp  ACTotal Bacteria Count Agar 10cm²10pcs/bag; 100pcs/box48±2 hours6 months
Agar Stamp  ECColiform group&E.coli Count Agar 10cm²24 hours
Agar Stamp  SAStaphylococcus aureus Count Agar 10cm²24~48 hours
Agar Stamp  PDYeast&Mold Count Agar 10cm²5 days

Note: 1. The product should be protected from light and stored at room temperature.

2. It should be used as soon as possible after unpacking.

3. When there are water droplets in the container, please gently remove the water droplets and use.

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