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Microbiology Test
Microbiology Test

Transport Culture Media (for Fecal Collection)

Functional Application of Transport Culture Media:

Collecting feces/sample preservation/scale inspection/safety and hygiene

Fecal examination is one of the three routine clinical tests, with a large workload. Fecal specimens have odors, and some specimens have infectious pathogenic microorganisms. In the process of collection, transportation, processing, and inspection of specimens, traditional inspection, and treatment methods are easy to pollute others and work stand, and even pollute the inspectors; sample waste and disposal are also difficult to be rigorous, which will leave hidden dangers to the hospital's environmental safety. Especially when infectious diseases are outbreaks, the standard treatment of fecal specimens is much more important. The one-time transport culture media developed by ELEMX adopt a more scientific, rigorous, reasonable and humanized design. The product structure is well sealed, effectively preventing pollution and facilitating various operations; it can improve the positive rate and accuracy of the fecal test; it is also convenient to handle the safety of the waste specimens, which is a new, safe and humanized product in the fecal inspection.

Application Range of transport culture media:

1. Hospital clinical examination and physical examination center;

2. Anti-epidemic stations at all levels;

3. Inspection agency of disease control center;

4. Animal Husbandry, Pet Hospital Laboratory;

5. Quarantine institutions.

Performance Characteristics of Transport Culture Media

Irradiation sterilization / purification production / color change easy to read / convenient storage

1. FC-20 has been irradiated and sterilized, which is produced in the purification workshop to ensure the accuracy of the bacteriological test of the specimen.

2. Sealed structure and no odor overflow, avoiding the contamination of the work stand and inspection personnel.

3. The preservation medium contains the PH indicator, and the medium after the recovery is changed from blue to yellow to judge whether the feces collector has been used.

4. After collecting samples, the medium can keep fresh for one week in the temperature range of 2-10 °C, which is suitable for collecting specimens for inspection in different places.

5. FC-20 is equipped with a name tag, which is easy for the examinee to identify with the specimen, avoiding confusion of the specimen.

6. The U-shaped notch is provided at the mouth of the bottle to remove excess samples. The discarded sample is sealed in the sealed collector and is easy to dispose of.

7. The central part of the bottle body is a regular hexagon, which prevents rolling and is suitable for manual or mechanical automatic application of the flat plate

Product Details of Transport Culture Media

ModelSpecificationStoragePackingValidity Period
FC-20Φ10mm*80mmAmbient temperature30 pc/box, 200pcs/carton1 year

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