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Microbiology Test
Microbiology Test

Culture Media Series

In microbial detection, when the sample is collected and diluted correctly, the prepared sample solution needs to select the appropriate culture medium for cultivation, so as to judge whether the sample meets the standard. The choice of culture medium means whether we can get the desired experimental results quickly. ELEX is a culture media supplier providing culture medium that is mainly used for rapid detection, to make the microbial detection more simple and effective. The culture media of microbiology mainly include DNP Medi·Ca culture medium plate, concentrated liquid chromogenic medium, E.coli & Coliforms Chromogenic Medium, and liquid chromogenic medium.

Different types of culture media in Microbiology

Advantages of types of culture media in Microbiology

Different types of culture media for bacterial growth have their own characteristics. ELEX Biological, one of the most professional culture media suppliers, can provide different types of culture media with high quality. Compared with other agar media, DNP media is a kind of culture media for food microbiology, which makes the food microbial detection much easier, more standardized, more efficient and pollution-free. It can be used directly after opening, easy to see colony, and can reduce the cultivation area and waste gas.  At present, AC test tablets are used to detect the total number of common colonies, CC test tablets to detect coliforms bacteria, EC test tablets to simultaneously detect E.coli and coliforms bacteria, SA test tablets to detect Staphylococcus aureus. All of ELMEX's Medi·Ca culture medium plate have passed the AOAC authoritative certification, and have been included in the Japanese food hygiene inspection guidelines. 

Compared with the traditional medium, DNP Film·Media Culture Medium Plate has the following advantages. Firstly, the preparation process of the medium is omitted which saves time; the steps are reduced which lower the possibility of contamination in the process. Secondly, the medium plate can be placed overlapping, saving about 95% of the cultivation space, in addition to reducing emissions of exhaust gas and greenhouse gas (GHG), which save s environmental protection costs. Thirdly, it is easy to operate and does not depend on the operator's level. The bacterial colony is easy to see with convenient judgment and accurate result. 

Compared with other similar products, it also has the following advantages: firstly, sample dropping can be carried out uniformly without pressure plate with fewer steps which is fast and convenient; secondly, there is a special anti-spillover ring, sample liquid will not spill and lead to cross-contamination.

Concentrated liquid chromogenic medium ST-SSP can be used in combination with our swab simpler, and can be used for the qualitative detection of E. coli and coliforms at the same time.

E.coli & Coliforms Chromogenic Medium is widely used for simultaneous qualitative and quantitative detection of coliform bacteria, Escherichia coli and other intestinal bacteria in food, water, milk, ice cream and meat products. Colonies show three colors, which can be easily judged and counted.

There are two kinds of chromogenic substances in liquid chromogenic medium, which can directly identify coliforms and Escherichia coli, but only for qualitative detection.

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