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In the environment on which humans depend, there are a large number of microorganisms and a wide variety.

Various microorganisms are present in soil, rivers, lakes, air, rooms, laboratories, human and animal skin surfaces, oral cavity, respiratory tract, and digestive tract. People can't visually observe their individuals, but with a little attention, we can see some microbial populations on expired milk, moldy bread, rotten dead wood and other things.

These phenomena are enough to show that in nature, as long as there are materials and living conditions that microorganisms can use, they can grow and reproduce on them.

With the rapid development of human society and economy, the ecological environment is also facing greater pressure. Environmental pollution and energy issues have gradually become the main problem factors affecting the sustainable and stable development of human society. Therefore, the importance of activities such as environmental soil sampling and environmental water sampling has become increasingly prominent.

Facing severe environmental problems, all countries have strengthened environmental pollution detection and treatment. While continuously improving the quality of environmental testing, they actively adopted modern scientific and technological means to give full play to the application advantages of environmental testing technology.

Environmental testing is the process of measuring various index data representing environmental quality. It includes environmental analysis, physical measurement and biological detection.

Biological detection is to use various environmental pollution information generated by microorganisms as a means to judge environmental pollution. Microorganisms have lived in nature for a long time, which not only reflects the comprehensive effect of various factors, but also reflects the historical status of environmental pollution. Because of the directness of microbial cells and the environment and the diversity and sensitivity of microorganisms to them, it is an important indicator of environmental pollution detection.

In the process of environmental testing, from sampling, sample preparation, microbial culture to final interpretation, relevant technologies and mature product support are required. The ELEX range is designed to meet the needs of the microbiological testing process, such as swab sampler, sterile sample bags, contact agar media, homogenizers, DNP Medi·Ca culture media plate, and so on.

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