Microbiology Test
Microbiology Test

Sample Collection Series

In microbial detection, product sample collection plays a key role. Scientific sampling can ensure the correct preparation of later samples. The products of laboratoey sample collection series sold by ELEX are sterilized by irradiation with safe quality, simple to operate and convenient to sample, which greatly reduces the trouble in the process of sample collection in microbiology. The sample collection kit mainly includes swab sampler, sterile sample bag, and blender bag. 

Especially ELMEX's top lab sample collection product – swab sampler, compared with other ordinary swab products, ELMEX has multiple advantages. The swab handle is made of PP plastic, which will not produce free fatty acid which inhibits the growth of bacteria like the wooden handle, thus causing the deviation of the test results; instead of cotton, the swab head uses non-woven fabrics, effectively solving the problem that cotton is easy to peel off and drop debris, and smearing the sample is more uniform. In terms of product design, the tail of the ELMEX swab is designed with a lifting cover, and the sample can be dripped onto the culture medium or DNP paper culture medium without the need for a pipette gun, test tube, tweezers, and other tools for culture detection. It can also be used with our liquid color medium SSP for the rapid qualitative detection of E. coli flora and E. coli.

AL—Swab sampler developed independently by ELEX is a kind of pre-prepared aseptic wipe sampling reagent, which can be widely used in environmental surface and hand sampling procedures of food, pharmaceutical, medical and other industries. It uses a sponge head to wrap around a rod shaft with strong elasticity with a finite position design to ensure the integrity and uniformity of each sampling. The AL-Swab sampler has two solution specifications: phosphate buffer saline and peptone buffer water, which can meet the different sampling requirements of China, Japan, the United States, the European Union, and other regions. The design of the extension rod can extend the AL-Swab sampler up to 230 mm, which is convenient for sampling deeper parts.

Sterile sample bags are made of aseptic environmental protection materials to ensure no secondary pollution; customers can sample fruits, vegetables, sausages, liquid milk, and other foods according to their needs; the products to be sampled are packed in the sampling bags with aseptic tweezers, folded three times and sealed.

Sterile blender bag is made of high-strength material and will not be damaged under the strong beating of the homogenizer; the bag uses a high-density filter mesh inside, which can effectively filter food residues, so that the colony count after culture will not be disturbed; this kind of laboratory  sample collection product is very suitable for rapid analysis method, and the sample after filtration keeps the bacterial concentration unchanged. The bag body is provided with a writing area for easy recording.

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