Microbiology Test
Microbiology Test

Sterile Sampling Bag (for Liquid)

The Purpose of Sterile Sampling Bag (for Liquid)

For liquid sample collection

Sterilization Method of Sterile Sampling Bag (for Liquid)

Gamma-ray radiation sterilization

Use Instructions of Sterile Sampling Bag (for Liquid)

Take a sterile sampling bag, unscrew the lid, and shake the bag gently to make it fully open, then add the sample to the 500ml scale mark. Keep your sight line parallel to the tick mark to avoid reading errors, finally tighten the lid.


1. Avoid using fingers or other objects to touch the bag opening to cause contamination.

2. Purchase and add sterile aqueous sodium thiosulfate solution according to the sample. 0.4 mg of sterile aqueous sodium thiosulfate solution was needed to add per 500 ml water sample.

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