Microbiology Test
Microbiology Test

Sterile Blender Bag

Performance Characteristics of Sterile Blender Bag

1. It adopts high-strength material and will not be damaged under the strong slap of the homogenizer. The product is irradiated and sterilized, and the packaging is hygienic and safe.

2. Use high-density filter to effectively filter food residue. The colony count after the culture will not be disturbed. It’s suitable for rapid analytical method; the sample will maintain the same bacterial concentration after filter.

3. The bag body has a writing area for easy recording.

Product Details of Sterile Blender Bag

ModelFilter MeshCharacteristicSpecificationCapacityPackingProducts Display
AKJ-10(MC)WithoutTearing side can be torn freely as use need180х300mm400ml1000pcs/cartonn
AKJ-20(MC)WithTearing side can be torn freely as use need, suitable for all kinds of pipetting equipment use190х300mm400ml500pcs/carton
PX0020WithWith a tear-off zipper for all types of pipetting equipment use190х300mm400ml500pcs/carton
PX0020SWithWith a pouring spout, saving sampling time with pipetting devices190х300mm400ml500pcs/carton
PX0020MWithEconomical for small samples114х190mm80ml1000pcs/carton

Product Display of Sterile Blender Bag

Pipeting Display

Pipetting Display

Tearing Display

Tearing Display

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