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Microbiology Test

Gravimetric Dilutor

ELEX Dispensing Pump Pro Media Dt Cube

Pro·media DT-cube

Performance Characteristics of Dispensing Pump

1. The media dispenser pump has a small size and light design, making it easy to clean and move around as necessary.

2. The media dispenser pump comes with a nozzle that can be installed freely on left and right according to the operational requirements.

3. The pneumatic-type liquid feeding method is adopyed, and the media dispenser pump has an increased dispensing speed of up to 20% compared to the original product.

4. Elex is the supplier of microbial testing equipment and reagents, we can offer sterilization diluents MV2-1000PBS as the dilution solution or  you can fill the homemade dilution solution into the matching sterilization bottle SB4000 to contact the device.

5. Intelligent mode, automatic dilution:  this feature of the media dispenser pump helps to automatically measure the sample weight and dilute it accordingly, eliminating the need for manual measurement.

There is no need to manually measure the sample weight.

6. Quantitative dispensing: The packing amount can be set freely.

7. Choose to have a printer and connect to a computer for data management.

8. The specific dilution factor used will be automatically archived for the next use of the media dispenser pump.

9. The stainless steel material of the media dispenser pump makes it easy to clean, and the pedal switch can be used in a clean stand.

10. The low noise of the media dispenser pump allows for it to be stopped quickly and without residual droplets.

Technical Specifications of Gravimetric Dilutor

Sample weight0.5~1000g
Dilution amount5~1000ml
Dilution precisionWithin ±1.0g
Dilution speed16.67ml/sec (6 seconds for 100ml dispensing)
Dilution multiple2-999 times
Weighing range0.1~1500g
Density setting0.7-1.4g/ml
MaterialStainless steel
Power supplyAC 110V

Products Details of Gravimetric Dilutor

Products ListSelective Purchasing products
NameQTYNameModelQTYWarranty period
Gravimetric dilutor1 setPrinters (heat-sensitive photocopiers, wiring, AC presses, heat-sensitive paper)PA03011 year
Dispensing nozzle1setComputer Output Devices (Special Software, RS232C Wiring)PA0611
Silicone gel tube2 pcsPedal switchPA0371
Electronic scale1 set4 liter sterilizing bottle, the cap for injection/extraction, circular filter plate, silica gel tube (nozzle, infusion tube can be sterilized together after connecting)SB40001 set
DT-Cube bracket(SUS)1 set
MV2-1000 infusion apparatu1 setSterilization diluents (phosphate buffered saline, 1 liter х10 bottles)MV2-10001 set

For homogenizers, please refer to ELMEX's Pro•media SH-IIM.

It is better to use the company's diluents and homogenized blender bag series.

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