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Microbiology Test
Microbiology Test

DNP Film·Media Culture Medium Plate

Microbiology Test Piece Film·Media of DNP Film·Media Culture Medium Plate

Make food microbiological testing much easier and more effective

Compared with the agar medium, our bacterial culture media plate makes the detection of food microorganisms easier, more standardized, and more efficient, but without pollution.

1. Culture media ready to be used after opening;

2. Colonies easy to see;

3. Reduce the culture area and waste.


1) The product is used for the microbiological examination of foods and beverages, and cannot be used clinically.

2) Do not open the tectorial membrane before transplanting the sample.

3) Do not use expired products.

4) Do not use products that are damaged, deformed, discolored, dirty, or foreign matters.

5) Do not expose the product to ultraviolet light or sunlight.

6) Do not press the film after the sample liquid is dropped. This will cause the sample solution to overflow to the outside of the culture area.

7) When the sample solution overflows from the culture area, replace it with a new one.

8) If the product enters the eye or mouth, immediately wash it with water and go to the hospital.

9) When using the product, it is susceptible to microbial contamination. Perform specific operations under the guidance of relevant qualified personnel.

10) Please note that the sample or the product that has been in contact with the sample liquid is a contaminated item.

Preservation method

Keep in cold storage (2~8°C), fold it twice at the opening of the bag after breaking, and fix it with tape.

Validity period

The validity period of the product is written on the aluminum bag and the upper part of the product (the date described after "EXP" is the validity period). Please use the aluminum bag within 3 months after opening.

Abandonment method

The product has a risk of secondary pollution after use. Therefore, after proper sterilization, it should be disposed of according to the waste standards of the respective samples and related facilities.

Guarantee responsibility

When the product defect is obvious, replace the corresponding quantity with the new product. The judgment and application of the inspection results are the user’s responsibility, and the manufacturing company and the agent of the product are exempt from liability.

Quantity per carton

Film·Media AC and Film·Media CC: 1000 sheets

Film·Media EC and Film·Media SA: 500 sheets

Performance Characteristics of DNP Film·Media Culture Medium Plate

Medium ready to be used after opening

The product does not require pre-modulation and autoclaving, just check it. No need for mixed release. Double layer coverage is easy to operate which will improve working efficiency.

Colonies easy to see

Due to the use of the color former, the colonies are clearly visible and easy to discriminate. It is beneficial to improve the working efficiency of counting bacteria and working standardization. In addition, since Film·Media AC is a bacillus, it is one of the characteristics that the coloring penetration is relatively small.

Reduce the culture area and waste

Compared with the culture dish, it can be reduced to about 1/15~1/20, which can reduce the storage space and the waste after use.

Variety introduction

The Culture Media Plate Film·Media is not considered for personal visual differences but produced according to the coloring universal design that most people can easily see, and is also certified by the NPO corporate coloring general design agency.

Coloring Series of DNP Film·Media Culture Medium Plate

Red Colony Counting

Red colony counting

Navy Blue Colony Counting

Blue colony counting

Escherichia Coli Colony Counting

[Escherichia coli]

Navy blue ~ blue-purple bacteria counting

[Number of coliforms other than Escherichia coli]

Pink ~ purple-red bacteria counting

Blue Colony Counting

Blue colony counting

Usage Method of DNP Film·Media Culture Medium Plate

1.  Sample liquid preparation

Add appropriate sterile dilutions to the sample and homogenize with a homogenizer.

2. Pipetting into the culture area

Tear off the foil pouch and remove the required amount.

Tear off the Foil Pouch

Placed on a flat position

Placed on a Flat Position

Open the tectorial membrane, keep the pipette vertically and drop in the center of the culture area.

Open the Tectorial Membrane

Overlay tectorial membrane

Overlay Tectorial Membrane


Put into the incubator, the product can overlap up to 25 pieces.

Put into the Incubator

Medium TypeCulture temperatureCulture time
Film·Media AC
(Measurement of general bacteria amount)
35±1℃48±2 hours
Film·Media CC
(Measurement of Coliforms)
35±1℃24±1 hours
Film·Media EC
(Measurement of Escherichia coli and Coliforms)
35±1℃24±1 hours
Film·Media SA
(Measurement of Staphylococcus)
35±1℃24±1 hours


SA uses chromogenic enzymes to easily determine and count bacteria.

When the bacteria number is large, please perform statistics in the grid on the film (1cm × 1cm).

Multiply the bacteria number in a grid by the total grids number

Multiply the Bacteria Number

5. Fishing for colonies which can be re-cultured

Remove the bacteria by opening the membrane.

Colony Count System

By using the colony counting system (dedicated scanner and application), high-resolution images can be analyzed, and automatic counting and inspection result image storage management can be realized in a short time, which can improve the counting efficiency.

Colony Count System

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