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Microbiology Test
Microbiology Test

Colony Counter

Smart iSac Simple Calculation

1. Simple Count

Simultaneous calculation of 6 sheet medium;

Correct the value of each medium;

The result can be preserved as portrait data;

The result cannot generate data documents;

There are simultaneous counting functions of 6 sheet medium and a correction function for each medium value;

Simply input an existing job.

Smart iSac Total Calculation

1. Simple count

2. OCR method

Read 8 lines of numbers and automatically generates data documents.

Automatically record bacterial numbers and image data

The result can be output as a CSV file

8-line QR code for parallel use

3. Barcode method

After the data is generated, the QR code can be used to generate the data document.

Automatic recording of bacterial number and image data

The result can be output as a CSV file

Equivalent media with other company

Other companyELEX
3M TM culture media plate TM agarDNP Media·Ca culture media plate
AC culture media plate for total bacteria numberMedia·Ca AC for total bacteria number
RAC culture media plate for rapid measuring bacteria number/
CC culture media plate for coliforms numberMedia·Ca CC for coliforms
EC culture media plate for g E.coli and EC coliformMedia·Ca EC for E.coli and coliforms
STX culture media plate for S. aureus assayMedia·Ca SA for Staphylococcus aureus

AQHC test piece for the identification of bacteria number in the water (subordinate vegetative bacteria)

Counting System

Counting systemsimultaneous calculations of 6 sheet test pieceCalculated value correctionData PreservationOriginal documentAutomatic documentColony conversionQualified judgmentCSV document
Simple count○※2×××××
OCR method×
Barcode method×

※ 2 can be preserved as portrait data.

Specification of Automatic Bacterial Colony Counter

NameCode No.ContentCounting System
Simple CountOCR methodBarcode method
Smart iSac  simple calculationC001-5SLaptop××
Smart iSac  total calculationC001-5MLaptop

Performance Characteristics of Automatic Bacterial Colony Counter

1. Rapid bacterial counting

The processing capacity of simultaneous counting of 6 sheet culture media plate is about 6 times of the visual counting, which can further achieve the function of improving accuracy by the new technology;

Culture media plate is used with DNP Media·Ca media, and 6 sheets can be read simultaneously by scanning.

If the range and sensitivity of the count size need to modify, you can click on the above image and make the subtle adjustments by manual operation.

Performance Characteristics

Rapid Bacterial Counting

2. Data Preservation and Verification

Check data records, agar images, and calculated values, etc;

Preserve past data to reconfirm and compare;

The result can be output as a CSV file;

The result also can be converted to EXCEL and other files.

Data Preservation and Verification

3. Massive Data Sharing

Set up a computer as server management or use a cloud server to achieve the headquarters' management of each factory.

Massive Data Sharing

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