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15th Anniversary of ELMEX Shanghai

On July 29, 2019, this day will always be fixed in the memory of the ELMEX people. On this day, we celebrated the 15th anniversary of ELMEX Shanghai. The sun in July, is the most dazzling light and heat of the whole season, the bursts of heatwaves swept from the open ground, like a big steamer, we are full of expectation and embark on the company's celebration anniversary. In the outreach training, we ELMEX people, reviewed the history of ELMEX together, and also experienced the show of playing cards, newspaper trains, and team walking with ballooning. From this, we have a deeper understanding of the interaction between individuals, small teams and large groups. At the same time, the training helps us to break through some obstacles in thinking, learn from them, and grow.

This day, it is not just a simple cheer and excitement, it is not just a short episode or fragment in our life journey; this day gives us a new experience and sentiments, a kind of pride as an ELMEX people to be united.

The 15th anniversary, it is a confirmation that confirms the past efforts of ELMEX people and the strength of today; she is a show that shows the development and glory of ELMEX today; it is also a revelation that enlightens the future of ELMEX people more hard work, more unity, forge ahead, work together to create a better future.

15th Anniversary of ELMEX Shanghai

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