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Product Features and Usage of Microbial Sterile Bags

A sterile bag is a sampling container sterilized by radiation to ensure the accuracy of the analysis results. Collecting, storing and transporting samples is easier and easier with this product. Mainly used for laboratory sampling, environmental sampling, food industry applications. Made of strong, FDA-approved polyethylene for easier sample placement. Polyethylene is extruded into a tubular shape at a temperature of 260°C to ensure internal sterility. The whole process is produced in a 300,000-level sterile clean workshop, and the inside of the bag is never exposed to the outside environment. The finished product is finally sterilized by radiation to ensure the reliability and safety of the product.

1. Product characteristics of microbial sterile bags

(1) It can be guaranteed that the sample bags are still in a sterile state after 5 years of storage.

(2) Operating temperature range: -100°C to +80°C, the samples can be preheated in a water bath or frozen in a freezing environment.

(3) High temperature aseptic treatment at 220-240°C is adopted in the gamma ray sterilization and forming process.

(4) The material is LDPE (low density polyethylene), resistant to: UV ultraviolet rays, radiation and various detergents.

(5) The sample information can be recorded with an oil pen on the sterile sampling bag. It has a small storage space, is safe, reliable, convenient, economical and money-saving.

2. How to use microbial sterile bags

(1) Tear off the sealing strip at the mouth of the sample bags, open the sealable sample bags and load the samples.

(2) Close the metal strip at the mouth of the sterile microbiological bag, hold the protruding metal strip, and then rotate it three times to seal; for large-capacity sampling bags, it can be folded three times to seal.

(3) Fold the protruding metal strips back to compact the plastic layers overlapped by the rotation.

Through cooperation with well-known foreign experts, professors and senior companies, AL continuously improves food safety testing technology, develops and produces high-quality products, and provides customers with a more "safe", "efficient" and "accurate" overall solution for rapid microbial testing. Its sterile bags for microbiology cover the whole process from microbial sample collection to result analysis, including consumables, kits and small equipment required for the inspection stage; related industries such as food, cosmetics, beverages, third-party testing, etc.

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