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Five Functions of Automatic Colony Counter

The use of colony counter in microbiology laboratories is essential in counting and identifying microbial colonies. The five functions of the automatic colony counter are mainly developed from the following aspects:

1. Culture dish

The automatic colony counter is suitable for a variety of culture dishes, such as traditional plate inoculation method, spiral inoculation method, etc. Secondly, its culture dishes have standard diameters of 90mm and 55mm.

2. Light source

The light source of the automatic colony counter is a long-life LED light source. Its light source combinations are 4 kinds of combination of light source and background color. Optional intelligent remote control multi-color light source background, making the count of different types and colors of culture media more accurate.

3. Imaging

In terms of imaging, the traditional artificial colony counter adopts a magnifying glass with a magnification of 3 to 6 times. The automatic colony counter has a camera function, and the specifications of CCD are getting higher and higher. The HCC-90A model sold now has 5 million pixels, colony resolution: <0.1mm, and image clarity is greatly improved.

4. Image processing

The image processing function of the automatic colony counter is very powerful. The supporting software has background processing, color marking, interference correction, colony enlargement, area calculation and other functions, which are not available in traditional colony counters.

5. Database

In terms of database processing, compared with traditional colony counters, automatic colony counters increase data storage, intelligent query, data export, etc., and some can also set operator permissions, data modification permissions, etc., to make the measured data safer. At the same time, you can also edit online and print reports.

Overall, the principle of colony counter in microbiology is crucial in identifying and counting microbial colonies, making automatic colony counters an essential tool in any microbiology laboratory.

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