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Introduction to Preparation of Culture Media of Microbiology

Culture Media Introduction in Microbiology

The culture media of microbiology is a mixed nutrient for the growth, reproduction and metabolism of microorganisms. Because microorganisms have different types of nutrition, different requirements for nutrients, and different research purposes, there are many kinds of culture media and different raw materials. But in terms of nutrition, bacterial growth media generally contains carbon source, nitrogen source, inorganic salt, auxin, water and so on. In addition, culture media of microbiology has appropriate PH Value, buffer capacity, redox potential and osmotic pressure. In order to meet the specific requirements of research, the preparation and sterilization of culture medium are needed.

Preparation and Sterilization of Culture Media

Culture media refers to the nutrient solution that microorganisms, such as bacteria or yeast, are grown in. The composition of the culture media can vary depending on the type of microorganism and the experiment being conducted.

Here is a general procedure of media preparation and sterilization:

Obtain the necessary ingredients and equipment, such as a sterile container, agar or broth, and any supplements or growth factors that the microorganism requires.

Measure out the appropriate amount of ingredients and mix them together in a sterile container.

Autoclave (or boil) the culture media to sterilize it. 

Allow the culture media to cool to the appropriate temperature before adding the microorganism.

Incubate the culture at the appropriate temperature and conditions for the microorganism to grow.

Note: This is a general procedure, specific steps and ingredients can vary depending on the type of culture media and the microorganism being used.

Attention should be paid to when preparing culture media in microbiology:

When preparing solid media, we first need to boil the prepared liquid medium, and then add the qualified agar, and continue heating until completely melted, then stir constantly to avoid burning the agar paste bottom.

The filtered media should be repackaged.

After repacking, the mouth of a pipe or bottle needs to be plugged with a cotton plug.

After medium sterilization, if you want to make a slant medium and flat medium, the process should be done when the medium is not set.

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