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Microbiology Test

The Sampling

The microbiology sample test refers to the examination process of one or more representative samples, which are selected from a specified quantity of the products, by sensuous, microbiological, physical and chemical methods.

First of all, the items, from which samples are going to be selected, shall be confirmed with its consistent certificate. Secondly, the sterilized sampling tools and reagent materials are required to be prepared in advance. Otherwise, an improper collection destroys the integrity of the sample and even fails the sampling.

Prepared and sterilized in advance, the tools and reagents vary from sample characteristics and its environments. In addition, the sample shall be the representative of the whole and the test results should be statistically valid. The condition of the sample in the laboratory should be consistent of that of the on-site sampling.

In order to ensure the integrity of the microbiology sample test, the package for the sample shall be sealed to keep its reliability, that is, nothing shall happen to the sample on its way to the laboratory. Sealed by the self-adhesive, the specific paper-adhesive or the paraffin, the interface should be reserved with the date and the signature of the inspector and its owner and affixed with an inspection seal.

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