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Proper Use of Sterile Homogenizer

A sterile homogenizer is also called a flapping homogenizer. The sterile homogenizer makes the process of extracting bacteria from solid samples very simple. Simply add the sample and diluent to sterile bags for microbiology, then place the sample bag into the slap-type homogenizer to complete sample processing. Efficient separation of homogeneous samples of microorganisms contained in and on solid samples, ensuring that the entire sample is mixed in a sterile sample bag. The treated sample solution can be directly sampled and analyzed without the risk of sample variation and cross-contamination.

1. Features of sterile homogenizer

Sterile homogenizers generally use 304 or 316 stainless steel systems (most use 304), which can effectively separate the surface of the body sample and the homogeneous sample of microorganisms contained therein. Samples are packaged in disposable sterile homogenization bags and do not come into contact with the instrument.

The sterile homogenizer has the characteristics of gentle homogenization, no pollution, no damage, no heating, no need for sterilization, and no need to wash the utensils, and meets the requirements of rapidity, accurate results and good repeatability. The sterile homogenizer is also suitable for the homogenization of tumor tissue, and a large number of single cells can be obtained. If necessary, the tissue cells can be softly broken by prolonging the homogenization time.

2. Correct use steps of sterile homogenizer

(1) Put the sample to be processed into homogeneous sterile plastic bags.

(2) Open the aseptic homogenizer (which can be fully opened), and clamp the opening of the aseptic bag when closing the door of the aseptic homogenizer.

(3) Set the operating procedures of the aseptic homogenizer (such as slap speed, slap time, etc.) to conduct slap and homogenize work.

(4) After the experiment, open the door of the sterile homogenizer and take out the sample.

If the use of the sterile homogenizer meets the above points, its service life and use effect can be greatly extended.

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