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Microbiology Test

An Introduction to Mediums

In response to the needs of scientific research and production, the mediums used in microbiology is an artificial nutrient matrix (a mixed nutriment), which is favorable for the growth and the reproduction of microorganisms in different environments or for the accumulation of metabolites.

As one of the basic means of microorganism research, the medium has a wide range of application: the growth promotion of microorganism, the metabolites accumulation, the species isolation and identification, the cells calculation of microorganism, the species preservation and the products preparation of environmental microbial agent.

Curbed by the culture techniques and resources (most microorganisms are not available), many beginners of microbiology are fail to have a reference book. A reference is, therefore, recommended here: The Handbook of Mediums Used in Microbiology Environment, which is detailed with the descriptions of nearly 2,000 mediums used for environmental microbiological analysis, the isolation of microorganisms from soil, water bodies and other environmental samples and the cultivation and the maintenance of environment-related microorganisms including plant pathogens. It serves as a support to the cultivation of various medium for the enriching microbial diversity.

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