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Are You Still Troubled by "Colony Count"? if You Don't Understand, You Will Be Out!

In routine microbiology experiments, whether it is food hygiene bacteriological testing, drug microbial limit inspection, or research on the antibacterial performance of active substances, it is often necessary to quantify or calculate the concentration of microorganisms in the sample; there are many microbial quantitative methods. The most commonly used method is to count the total number of colonies grown on the cultured Petri dish.

1. The troubles about the colony counter:

At present, most laboratories still use the traditional method of counting with the human eye combined with the colony counter: using a magnifying glass, click each colony with a counting pen, and the counter counts the pressure electronic pulse generated by each click to obtain the total number. Although the cost is low, it has the following major disadvantages: identification and counting errors and omissions; inconvenient marking and correction; inefficiency and inability to preserve the original results.

2. The advantages of automatic colony counter

As the most common item in microbial testing, the total number of colonies should be handled with care and precision in every step of the test to ensure the accuracy of the test results. The automatic colony counter is tailor-made for the users of the microbiology laboratory. It can quickly, accurately and stably complete the detection of the total number of colonies in a large number of stacked plates in a short period of time. There are no problems such as archived records, reducing operator fatigue and improving work efficiency.

The automatic colony counter adopts a fully-enclosed dark camera system, which completely eliminates the influence of stray light on the photographing effect, and the light is soft and uniform without reflection and dark spots. A high-definition camera combined with a high-fidelity lens carefully captures the detailed characteristics of every tiny colony. Using artificial intelligence counting algorithm, the counting is completed in an instant. Professional colony analysis software can realize complex image analysis and processing such as multi-type counting, image segmentation, colony labeling, data saving, and report printing. The light box can be equipped with a multi-wavelength UV lamp, which has the functions of fluorescent identification and sterilization.

At the same time, the automatic colony counter has a high degree of automation, accurate counting, analysis results can be checked, and sample information can be retained, which can save a lot of manpower and time. Make your work easier and more efficient. Welcome new and old customers to inquire!

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