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Using Sterile Bags As a Way to Keep Food Safe and Healthy

With the changes in the social environment and people's needs, the hygiene problems in the food industry have also attracted the attention of manufacturers. Aseptic bags have also received more and more attention as a method to ensure food safety and health. The interference of germs brings great difficulties to food hygiene. How to preserve food for a long time in aseptic environment has become a problem worth studying in the food packaging industry. Due to the continuous contamination of microorganisms in the process of production, packaging, transportation and storage, although sterilization techniques such as chemical agents, gases, high temperature and low temperature can be used for sterilization. But this is not enough because many items cannot be kept in a sterile environment.

1. Aseptic bag packaging technology is applied to food packaging

The so-called aseptic packaging technology is a packaging technology that fills and seals in a sterile environment when the packaged material, packaging container or material, and packaging equipment are sterile; aseptic bag packaging refers to packaging in a sterile environment. Foodstuffs (such as beverages, dairy products, etc.), enclosed in sterile bags for long shelf life without preservatives and refrigeration. If you want to buy or learn more about sterile bags, the supplier ELEX will be a good choice.

2. Sterilization classification and principle of sterile bags

Aseptic bag is a new high-tech packaging material produced from polyethylene granules as raw material through film blowing, cutting, heat sealing, vacuum packaging, sterilization and other processes in a clean environment. The sterilization of sterile sample bags materials is divided into thermal sterilization, cold sterilization, and comprehensive sterilization. The material sterilization of food material packaging is mainly thermal sterilization so far, which is divided into low temperature sterilization, high temperature short time sterilization and ultra-high temperature short time sterilization.

The main sterilization media are superheated steam, saturated steam, dry hot steam, moist hot air, etc.; the cold sterilization methods of materials mainly refer to ultraviolet sterilization, radiation sterilization, microwave sterilization, etc.; comprehensive sterilization refers to two or more The sterilization method is used at the same time to achieve the purpose of improving the sterilization effect and shortening the sterilization time; the basic principle of thermal sterilization is to establish a temperature at which food quality and nutritional components are not damaged.

3. Shelf life of general sterile bags

Sterile bags have a relatively long shelf life, have good light and oxygen barrier properties, use less materials and can be recycled, and can process products of various specifications on the same filling equipment. The bags can be suitable for aseptic, non-sterile, cold filling, hot filling, various processing processes, from semi-automatic to fully automatic filling equipment with flexible options, improve storage and transportation efficiency, reduce storage and transportation costs, and significantly reduce packaging costs.

The sterile bag is environmentally friendly and hygienic and easy to recycle. As long as the box and the inner bag are separated, they can be recycled. The product use period can be close to the shelf life, and the shelf life can be longer. The application field of microbial aseptic bags is getting wider and wider. It is suitable for gift packaging and does not require preservative additives for refrigeration and storage, easy and convenient to store.

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