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Precautions for the Implementation of Food Safety Microbiology Inspection

1. Inspection standards of food safety microbiology

The current national standards for food safety microbiological testing are basically based on the culture separation method. However, these detection methods will pose a greater risk to detection due to human interference, cross-contamination, and the limitations of the method itself. Subjective factors such as low reliability, poor reproducibility, long cycle time, and relying on the judgment ability and professional experience of professionals will consume people's energy and money. This leads to greater detection risks and lower efficiency, which hinders standardized quality control management.

2. Precautions for the food safety microbiology inspections

The implementation of the current inspection standards of food safety microbiology still needs to be improved.

First of all, we must pay attention to human interference during the food microbiology testing. A large number of manual operations and subjective judgment factors may cause large differences between batches and lack of reproducibility. Secondly, pay attention to cross-contamination, which is prone to cross-contamination between the microbial environment, personnel, appliances and instruments. Also pay attention to the lack of food microbiological inspection experience and the difficulty and time-consuming training of professionals. In addition, the qualification, experience and subjective judgment of laboratory inspectors will also affect the reliability of food safety microbiological inspection data and the correctness of inspection conclusions.

For dairy companies, their own environmental monitoring and production process control are more important than sample testing. Only by ensuring that the facilities and environment in the clean operation area of the plant will not cause microbial contamination to the product can the product safety be truly guaranteed. Current food microbiological inspection methods are trying to change to meet the needs of microbiological risk assessment, monitoring and pollution traceability. Facing the increasingly severe challenges of microbial risks, difficult detection problems, and stricter regulatory requirements, the implementation of food safety microbiological inspection standards must be continuously improved, so that we can do better and better.

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