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How Much do You Know about Colony Counter?

As one of the most common experiments in microbial experiments, colony counting is an effective method to count the number of bacteria in articles. It is widely used to test the number of bacteria in food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, biological products, cosmetics, sanitary articles, drinking water, domestic sewage, industrial wastewater and clinical specimens


Colony counter is a kind of instrument to help experimenters count colonies, which can reduce the labor intensity of experimenters, improve the efficiency and improve the quality of work. Epidemic prevention stations at all levels, environmental monitoring stations, food hygiene supervision and inspection institutes, hospitals, biological products institutes, drug inspection institutes, commodity inspection bureaus, food factories, beverage factories, cosmetics factories, daily chemical factories, universities and colleges, scientific research institutes, laboratories are all using colony counter and it has also become their essential instrument.


Colony counter is divided into semi-automatic colony counter and fully automatic colony counter.


1.Semi-automatic colony counter

Colony counter is a kind of digital display automatic bacteria testing instrument. It is composed of counter, probe pen, count pool. The counter adopts CMOS integrated circuit and is elaborately designed, displays on LED digital tube and the word height is 13mm, which looks clear and bright. Matched up with special probe pen, it can count sensitively and accurately. With black background in the counting pool and fluorescent lighting, clear contrast of bacterial colonies is easy to observe.


2. Fully automatic colony counter

Fully automatic colony counters have gradually been favored by more and more scientific research institutes and health and disease control departments because their degree of automation is high, analysis results can be checked, and sample information can be retained.


The function of fully automatic colony counter:

The fully-automatic colony counter can be connected to the computer, equipped with system software. The petri dish can be placed on the instrument and recognized by the system software in the computer. The counting can be completed by mouse clicks and other ways, and a data report can be issued after its completion, and it also has the function of detecting inhibition zone, escherichia coli and spiral analysis. Generally, data report analysis or other determinations are required: such as the determination of the inhibition zone and escherichia coli, an fully automatic colony counter can be used.

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