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Microbiology Test

The Preperation of Medium Used in Microbiology Lab

1. The Beef Extract Peptone Medium ( for the bacterial culture )

3g beef extract, 10g peptone, 5g NaCl and 1000ml water with a pH of 7.4 ~ 7.6.

2. The Gao's No. 1 Medium ( for the actinomycetes culture )

20g soluble starch, 1g KNO3, 0.5g NaCl, 0.5g K2HPO4•3H2O, 0.5g MgSO4•7H2O, 0.01 g FeSO4•7H2O and 1000 ml water with a pH of 7.4~7.6. Precautions for the preparation: the soluble starch should be well mixed with cold water before it is added into the above medium used in microbiology lab.

3. The Martin's Medium (for isolating fungi from soil)

1g K2HPO4, 0.5g MgSO4•7H2O, 5g peptone, 10g glucose, 100ml 1/3000 tetrachlorofluorescein water solution and 900ml water with a natural pH. The moist heat sterilization shall be of 121 °C for 30 min. Into the melting medium at 55 ~ 60 °C add streptomycin ( with a content of 30μg / ml ).

4. The Potato Medium (PDA) (for the mould or the yeast culture)

200g peeled potato, 20g sucrose (or glucose) and 1000ml water. The preparation method:

Peel the potato and cut it into small pieces of about 2cm2, which shall be put into a beaker of 1500ml and boil for 30min. Stir with a glass rod to prevent a burnt bottom. Then, filter with double gauze to get its filtrate, in which add the sugar to make a 1000 ml solution with a natural pH. For mold, add sucrose while yeast, glucose.

5. The Czapek-Dok Medium (the Sucrose Nitrate Sodium Medium) (for the mold culture)

30g sucrose, 2g NaNO3, 1g K2HPO4, 0.5g MgSO4•7H2O, 0.5g KCl, 0.1g FeSO4•7H2O and 1000ml water with a pH of 7.0~7.2.

6. The Hayflik Medium (for the mycoplasma culture)

1000ml bovine heart digestive juice (or the leach liquor), 10g peptone, 5g NaCl and 15g agar with a pH of 7.8 ~ 8.0. Bottle the mixture by 70ml for each and sterilize at 121 °C for 15min. Then into every 80 °C 70mL add 20ml equine serum, 10ml 25% fresh yeast extract, 2.5ml 15 thallium acetate solution and 0.5 ml benzylpenicillin potassium solution (above 200,000 units). Pour the above-all mixture to a medium plate.

* Note: Be aware of the hyper toxic property of thallium acetate and be care of its application.

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