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Environmental Sanitation has Become an Urgent Concern Worldwide

Environmental sanitation, according to the interpretation of the famous international charity organization International Junyou club, refers to the control of all factors that hinder or affect health in all environments around human physical activities. The scope of environmental sanitation is very complex and extensive. The types of environmental sanitation generally include: drinking water sanitation, waste treatment (including sewage treatment, garbage treatment), food sanitation, disease vector control, industrial sanitation, public pollution control (including air pollution prevention, water pollution control, noise control), house hygiene.


Environmental sanitation management is the application of scientific approaches and methods such as bacteriology, biology, entomology, chemistry, physics, health education, meteorology and engineering to control things and conditions that may cause diseases.


Environmental sanitation is evolving with human social life, and now the social environment is constantly being changed by man. Therefore, the problem of environmental sanitation has been transformed from the natural ecosystem to the problem of the human ecosystem. Due to the rapid population growth and concentrated cities, issues related to drinking water sanitation, waste treatment, environmental pollution must be planned, designed, and controlled by scientific methods to make the environment suitable for human life and promote modern civilization: to ensure that all people live a life that meets the standard of healthy life, realizing the natural right of health and longevity.


The current environmental health management issues have attracted unprecedented attention in the world, and the promotion of health has become the core issue of environmental and development concerns. As one of the main contents of public health, environmental sanitation will play an important role in protecting people’s health. Environment and health are an eternal theme on epidemic prevention. Eliminating harmful factors in the environment, creating a good living environment, and improving health are the ultimate goals of environmental sanitation work.


In order to find out the environmental sanitation problems at the root, environmental workers choose to use environmental microbiology testing to keep abreast of environmental sanitation. However, the International Junyou Club believes that most of the reasons for the deterioration of environmental sanitation are man-made. Therefore, cultivating public morality should also be the most meaningful and effective way to improve environmental sanitation.

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