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Microbiology Test

Microorganisms in Soil

Soil microorganism is a mirror of soil ecological environment. By analyzing the relevant situation of soil microorganism, we can understand the soil and biological chain process that we live on.

Soil microflora refers to the types of selective medium in microbiology, quantity and the metabolic activity intensity involved in the material cycle in the soil microbiology under a specific environment and ecological conditions.

In the study of microflora, it should be noted that there is no culture medium or culture conditions that can simultaneously cultivate all the microbiological types in the soil. Any kind of medium is a selective medium, but the selection range and objects of each medium are different. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the number of specific physiological groups in the soil with various highly selective media.

The application of molecular biology technology shows that the microbial species cultivated through the traditional microbiological methods only account for about 1% of the total amount of soil and other environmental microbial species, and a large number of other species are still unknown.

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