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Microbiology Test

A Brief Description of Media Types

(1)The Basic Medium

It contains the essential nutrients needed for a basic growth. The frequent modal is meat infusion commonly known as broth, of which the major ingredients are the beef extract and the peptone. Widely used in the enrichment and examination of bacteria, the basic medium is also the basic component for the preparation of other culture medium.

(2)The Nutrient culture medium

Add glucose, blood, growth factors and other special components into the basic medium to make the nutrient medium, which is favorable for the bacteria in need of abundant nutrient and those in want of specific growth factors. The most commonly used are blood agar plates, chocolate blood plates and so on.

(3)The Medium Identification

The ability of degrading sugars and proteins and their metabolites give the name of the bacteria. Add specific substrates and indicators to observe the different products released by decomposing substrate in the process of bacterial growth. Identify the bacteria by the different reaction of the indicator.For example, Sugar fermentation tube, Kligler Iron Agar (KIA), Eosin-Methylene Blue Agar (EMBA), Motility Indole Urea medium (MIU) and so on.

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