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Microbiology Test

Requirements for Food Microbiological Testing Supplies

1. Basic requirements of microbiological test laboratory

The basic requirements of microbiological test laboratory are as follows:

① The food microbiology exam laboratory requires a good surrounding environment, and easily polluted and noisy environment should be avoided.

② The windows of the test laboratory should be opened to the south as far as possible, so as to have sufficient natural light, and the indoor lighting should have sufficient brightness.

③ Keep the test laboratory clean, the worktable and ground should be easy to clean, and the windows should be equipped with screen windows to prevent mosquitoes and flies and so on.

④ The equipment and auxiliary appliances in the test laboratory should be arranged according to the working order, cleaning and pollution conditions to avoid cross contamination.

⑤ The working area of the test laboratory should be obviously separated from the office area, and the test laboratory should be separated from the preparation room. The ground and wall materials of the two laboratories should be easy to wash. The workbench should be paved with rubber pad or other shockproof materials that are easy to clean. The air conditioning equipment should be installed in the test laboratory.

⑥ Generally, the sample testing operation must be carried out in the clean area (ultra-clean workbench in the sterilizing room), and the clean area should be clearly marked.

⑦ The isolation and identification of pathogenic microorganisms should be carried out in the BSL-2 laboratory.

⑧ All cultures, contaminated glassware and positive test specimens must be soaked overnight in disinfectant fluid, boiled or autoclaved for sterilization, and then clean the glassware.

2. Requirements for elex testing supplies

①The requirements for elex testing supplies are as follows: swab sampler, inoculating loop(needle), alcohol lamp, tweezers, scissors, medicine spoon, sterilized cotton ball, silica gel(cotton) plug, micropipettor, sucker, suction bulb, test tube, plate, microplate, wide-outh bottle, measuring cylinder, glass rod, L-shaped glass rod.

② The elex test supplies should be kept clean and sterile before use. The commonly used sterilization methods include moist heat sterilization, dry heat method and chemical method.

③ The elex test supplies that need to be sterilized should be placed in specific containers or wrapped or plugged with appropriate materials (such as special packaging paper, aluminum foil paper) to ensure the sterilization effect.

④ One-time items suitable for microbiological testing can be selected to replace reusable items and materials (such as culture media, straws, pipette tips, test tubes, inoculation loops).

⑤ The storage environment of test supplies shall be kept dry and clean. Sterilized and non-sterilized supplies shall be placed separately and marked clearly.

⑥ The sterilization/disinfection temperature and duration of sterilized test supplies should be recorded .

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