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The Importance of Urban Environmental Sanitation Management

In recent years, cities have actively created sanitary cities, strengthened urban appearance and environmental sanitation management, and created a clean, orderly urban environment. In specific practice, based on the goal of improving the scientific and legalization of urban management, as well as refinement and informatization, the participation of the masses is mobilized, and the sense of gain and happiness index of the masses participating in urban management is enhanced to ensure a good city appearance.

1. Problems in environmental sanitation management

There are some problems in environmental sanitation management. The first is that the awareness of environmental sanitation management is not strong. From the perspective of urban areas, residents are mainly distributed on both sides of urban streets and are affected by traditional living customs. Some people have relatively low environmental sanitation management concepts and awareness, making the urban environmental sanitation level not high.

The second is the implementation of regulations. In terms of current urban environmental sanitation management, cities have issued various regulations to promote the implementation of management work.

Finally, there is insufficient investment in environmental sanitation. As cities continue to grow and develop, the workload of urban environmental sanitation management is increasing, and the gaps in various sanitation facilities and basic resources continue to expand, making the implementation quality of environmental sanitation management impossible to guarantee.

2. The importance of environmental sanitation management

The cleanliness and cleanliness of the living environment of urban residents affects the health of the people and affects the quality of life of the people. Therefore, it is of great significance to strengthen urban environmental sanitation management and create a good living environment.

With the continuous increase of urban population and the change of lifestyles, urban environmental sanitation management has faced challenges and received strong support. Specifically, the population size continues to increase, which brings more environmental health problems. However, the public's awareness of environmental protection has been continuously improved, and their active participation in environmental sanitation management has provided strong support for the implementation of this work.

Sorting out the current problems in urban environmental sanitation management and proposing improvement and optimization measures are of great significance for releasing management energy. The comprehensive and meticulous implementation of urban environmental sanitation management has a positive effect on creating a high-quality living environment, protecting residents' health, and improving resource utilization.

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