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Basic Concepts and Differences of Solvent And Diluent

1. Basic concepts of solvent and diluent

Diluent and solvent refer to the chemical substances that can reduce the viscosity of the resin system, make resin and other components mix better, or make adhesive better applied to the surface of the substrate.

Compared with polymer, solvent diluent like sterile diluent is a small component, which is compatible with resin and curing agents in chemical and physical aspects.

2. Difference between solvent and diluent

The difference between diluent and solvent is the vapour pressure. Another view is that the solvent can dissolve the main resin and additives, while the role of the diluent is mainly to reduce the viscosity of the paint system.

The vapour pressure of the solvent is relatively high, and it will evaporate under certain environmental conditions. Some solvents can volatilize rapidly at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, while others may need to volatilize at high temperatures and under atmospheric pressure.

The vapour pressure of diluent is very low, and it will not volatilize at normal temperature. The main function of diluent in the formulation system is to reduce viscosity, improve the mixing of resin and filler, increase the amount of filler, or improve the application performance.

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