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A Detailed Description of Common Media and Their Basic Characteristics

The RPMI-1640 Medium, being a recent popular one, is widely used in the culture of mammalian, special hematopoietic cells, leukocytes of normal or malignant hyperplasia and hybridoma cells. Its dominant application is for suspension cell culture. It can be applied to lymphocyto like K-562, HL-60, Jurkat, Daudi, IM-9, T-cell lymphoma cells and HCT-15 epithelial cells for reference.

The Minimum Essential Medium (MEM) contains just 12 essential amino acid and glutamine and 8 vitamins. The simple composition is universally applicable to a variety of established cell lines and mammalian cell culture of diversified places. The MEM-Alpha is generally used for some cell types of difficult culture while the MEM works for almost all the others with nothing special.

The DMEM of high glucose (the standard) is a widely used ordinary culture medium, which is favorable for many mammalian cell cultures and preferable to high-density suspension cell cultures. For cells of inferior adhesion, it keeps the original growing point in the clone culture. It is also available for the myeloma cells and the transformed cells transfected by DNA of hybridoma.

The DMEM of low glucose (the standard) is a widely used ordinary culture medium, which can be used in many mammalian cell cultures. It is favorable for dependent adherent cell culture, especially for tumor cells of a high growth rate and a poor adhesion.

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