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How Long Can the Microbiology Media Be Kept?

The artificially formulated nutrient substrate suitable for the growth and reproduction of microorganisms or the accumulation of metabolites is called a microbiological medium in microbiology. Since various microorganisms have different requirements for nutrient substrates, there are many types of microbiology media. Different media can be added with some compounds that cannot be synthesized by themselves according to actual needs.

Due to the different nutritional requirements of various microorganisms and the different needs of scientific research or production practice, there are many types of culture media. To date, thousands of different media are available. The storage time of each medium is different. The following AL will start with the actual situation and discuss the shelf life of different types of media.

1. Storage time of dry powder medium medium

The finished product made of powder microbiology medium is packaged in aluminum foil bag, which has good heat sealing performance and flexibility, is non-toxic and tasteless, meets the hygiene standards for pharmaceutical packaging, and has barrier properties, light resistance, high temperature resistance, moisture resistance and oil resistance. Lightweight, the standard box has a 3-year shelf life. Of course, if it is in a place with direct sunlight and humidity, and the temperature difference is large, the shelf life will of course be shortened; if there is a clot color, beyond the shelf life of the label and other conditions, it will be unusable, and it needs to be destroyed according to the standard.

2. Storage time of liquid medium medium

Liquid bottled final microbiology media are stored in pharmaceutical grade glass bottles after a standard high temperature and fully automated packaging process. Production standards are also based on standards such as USP and European Pharmacopoeia. The storage conditions are refrigerated storage at 2 to 8°C according to product characteristics, and the shelf life of the medium is 90 days to 180 days, etc.

3. Storage time of prefilled contact plate medium

Production standard is based on European Pharmacopoeia, US Pharmacopoeia, Chinese Pharmacopoeia, 55/90mm × 10 pieces/pack, three-layer aseptic vacuum packaging, high pressure, aseptic filling and irradiation, no need for pre-incubation, do not use, please check whether the tablet is broken, contaminated, or incompletely packaged before use. The storage temperature is 2-25°C, and the suitable storage temperature is 2-8°C. When storing or using, please keep it upright to avoid large temperature difference (over 10℃). The temperature difference will produce condensed water. When using this product, it should be placed vertically in the working environment 4 to 6 hours in advance, which can reduce some moisture. If the product has less water droplets or water vapor in the medium or packaging bag within the expiry date, it will not affect its normal use. The moisture on the medium also indicates the freshness of the medium. If there is more water before sampling, the excess water in the medium can be removed. After use, it should be autoclaved and discarded; the shelf life of the medium is 6 months.

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