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The Importance of Food Safety Test

Food safety test is based on national indicators to detect harmful substances in food, mainly including some harmful and toxic indicators, such as heavy metals, aflatoxin. An important aspect of food science and engineering is to introduce and apply chemical unit operations, and be developed to form food engineering unit operations, so as to promote the food industry to the direction of large-scale, continuous and automated development.

Food safety is already a global topic, so the food sanitation test is imminent. As vicious food safety incidents continue to occur internationally, it has caused huge economic losses. Food safety issues mainly include the following aspects: chemical hazards, biological toxins, microbial hazards, food adulteration and the safety of genetically engineered foods.

According to reports from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control, 40% of food contamination incidents in Europe occur in individual households. In the United States alone, 76 million people suffer from food-borne diseases and 5,000 deaths each year. Pollution of water sources such as rivers, lakes and offshore waters, and illegal addition of hormones and drugs are important factors for food insecurity. As for chemical safety problems of the "vegetable basket",  the pollution of pesticide and veterinary drug residues, environmental pollutants and mycotoxins are more prominent. Incidents such as excessive pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits, and acute poisoning caused by illegal use of veterinary drugs have seriously affected the development of the food industry.

Food safety is a discipline that describes the prevention of foodborne diseases during food  handling, processing, and storage. Food safety not only affects the lives and property of the broad masses of people, but also restricts the economic development of the whole country. Food safety problems occur frequently, dozens of food safety practices such as melamine, Sudan red, carcinogenic toxic rice, "big head baby" milk powder, formosa plastic agent and clenbuterol have been investigated and exposed, which has aroused great concern among people. Thus, microbiological testing of food samples has also gradually become popular.

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