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Preservation and Use of Culture Medium

1. Is it good to keep liquid culture medium under refrigeration? Is it better to freeze?

Refrigeration is better. Because when the liquid medium is frozen and then melted, the PH value of the solution will change, often becoming alkaline, and the dissolution of certain components will also be affected and harmful to cell growth. Therefore, the liquid culture medium must be stored in a refrigerator. Usually, the liquid culture medium can be stored for 6 months to a year under refrigerated conditions.


(1) The preservation of culture medium should be in a refrigerator at 4 ℃ away from light, and it should be preheated at 37 ℃ before the experiment.

(2) The storage period of liquid medium without serum is 12 months, and the period of liquid culture and storage with serum is 6 months.

(3) L-glutamine in the liquid medium will slowly decompose as the storage time increases. If the cells grow poorly, you can add an appropriate amount of L-glutamine.

2. If the liquid culture media is occasionally frozen, can it be used?

If the cell culture medium is accidentally frozen, you should thaw the culture medium and see if any precipitation has been produced. If no precipitation occurs, the medium can be used normally, if precipitation occurs, the medium should be discarded.

3. Can the culture medium, other additives and reagents be frozen and thawed repeatedly?

Most additives and reagents can be frozen and thawed up to 3 times, if more times, it will cause a certain level of degradation and precipitation in the protein-containing solution, which will affect its performance. You may be interested in getting more information about types of culture media in microbiology.

4. the problems that should be paid attention to during the use of the cultural medium:

(1) The preserved culture medium should be preheated at 37°C or equilibrated at room temperature before use.

(2) During the cell culture process, the straw that has absorbed the culture fluid can no longer be burned with flame to prevent the residual culture medium in the straw from coking and bringing harmful substances into the culture fluid.

(3) Minimize the exposure time of various liquids and cells.

(4) Avoid cross-contamination between liquids and cells.

(5) When preparing the complete medium, it is better to use up the prepared amount within 2 weeks.

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