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Laboratory Results Guaranteed: Choose a High-quality Sterile Homogenizer

The use of sterile homogenizers is a necessary instrument for many experiments in the laboratory. There are many manufacturers in the market, with different performance and prices. Therefore, when choosing, you need to be familiar with the performance characteristics and professional knowledge of the product, and also understand the performance and characteristics of the instruments produced by each manufacturer. Through in-depth analysis and comparison, you can choose the appropriate testing instrument to meet the production and scientific research needs. Therefore, we need to know the key points of choosing a sterile homogenizer before processing.

Key points for choosing a sterile homogenizer

  • The higher the homogenization pressure, the better. In a sense, the higher the pressure, the smaller the particle size of the material can be processed, and secondly, the higher the pressure, the more types of materials can be processed.

  • The smaller the test amount, the better, which can save materials. Currently, some raw materials for certain drugs can reach thousands of yuan per gram. Users naturally hope to complete a homogenization experiment with as little material as possible. Moreover, the experiment is a multi-step process, and the larger the sample size, the more materials wasted.

  • Easy to clean. Good instruments are very convenient to clean, and it is recommended to choose instruments that can achieve online cleaning effects.

  • The processing effect is refined. The better the processing effect of the sterile homogenizer, the better the processing effect.

When purchasing a sterile homogenizer, you should fully consider the above factors and compare the equipment on the market in many aspects, so as to decide which equipment you need, which is an important factor in doing a good job in processing. Among various manufacturers of sterile homogenizers, the supplier ELEX will be a good choice.

Sterile homogenizer is especially suitable for the preparation of microbial detection samples

Sterile homogenizer is widely used in the homogenization of animal tissues, biological samples, and other materials, and can be applied in microbiology test in food industry and bacterial detection fields. They are especially suitable for the preparation of microbial detection samples.

The device adopts a stainless steel system. The sterile homogenizer can effectively separate the surface of the protective sample from the uniformly mixed microbial sample. The sample is placed in a disposable sterilization bag and does not contact the instrument, which is characterized by gentle homogenization, no contamination, no damage, no heating, no sterilization treatment, and no need to wash the vessel, which meets the requirements of fast, accurate results, and good repeatability.

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